Helene is a composer and theater maker based in Berlin, DE and Breda, NL. Currently working on own music and movement based research for (Dance) Theater Companies.

selections of my most recent works

An Ode To The Ordinary Things

{extra} ORDINARY THINGS – 50min. Participatory Theater Podcast 2021-2022

The Colour of Sound

DO-RE-MI-KA-DO 2020 – 45min. Dance theater piece for 2+, no language. 2019

Repercussion vs. Resonance

‘SOUNDS’ – 30min 2019 – In collaboration with Theatre Amstelveen – Compositions through Body, Wood, Glass, Metal

An Eye for an Ear for a Thought

Compositions for “The Art Of Being” 2020, Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition, Photo-Music-Poetry, I-Cloud Gallery Amsterdam

A Musical Entanglement

‘WIRED’ – 2020 in Berlin, Free Jazz Improvisations based on Compositions of Helene Amelia Jank & Greg Smith

Voice Expression Training and Musical Arrangement for the cast of ‘REVOLT’ – 75min by Cecilia Moiso 2021

“CLAPPING’ 2018 – Composition and Choreography commissioned for The Dutch Theatre Choir & Lichtbende Theatre Productions

Native American Sagas about Death

“Testamento” 2020 – Musical Installation & Performance – Berlin

The 35 Instruments-One-Man-Band Experiment

“Ko with the Flo’ 2018, 45min Musical Direction and Composition commissioned for Lichtbende Theatre Productions – Amsterdam

Let’s talk about Art(itsts)

Co-Curator of the Lectures series for Artist Identity 2020 – ‘PERSPECTIVES’ as part of the YELLOW HOUSE Codarts – University of Applied Arts Rotterdam

Music in Movement


The Story of Female Artists in Latin Music

Rhythm & Voice for “Latin Diva” 2018 – Music Theatre Show by Izaline Calister, NL Theatre Tour

Stomp out Loud

Performer at “STOMP’ 2015-2016 – 90 min, London, WEST END SHOW


Musical Direction of the Dance Theatre Piece “FOUTJE” 2014 by Arthur Rosenfeld, MAAS Rotterdam

Contact & Bookings

Via Amsterdam Artist Collective: info@helenejank.com Facebook / Instagram

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